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Esteemed Customers and Partners,


During 60 years of Business the Giamminola Group gradually evolved toward being a worldwide reality.


It was clear for us, from the beginning, that this evolution did not mean only making business in different countries but also

developing, on top of it, an organizational structure, an overall governance and a set of operational decision-making

processes, which could allow running a significant percentage of our business as a unique body across borders.


Sharing common methods, procedures and principles, the Group is now finalizing its transition to a Global Company:

everybody can see an overall trend towards a more homogeneous set of business practices throughout our organization.

Standardization of products and methods are the first outcomes of our globalization, catalyzing economy of scales

in sales and distribution.


This cohesion does not stop to generating immediate benefits of effectiveness and efficacy but moreover lays ground

for further improvement by facilitating communication and ideas exchange leading to an even brighter future.


Finding the means to spread our standards of quality, service and professionalism infusing them in our everyday working

dynamics at every level of the organization globally, has been our great adventure for the past 10 years.

Feeling the need to sign the accomplishments made so far the Giamminola Group is proud to announce its evolution to




The new corporation visage of the Group that truly embodies what we became.


We cannot wait to walk this road together with you, who also substantially contributed to make our company a better one.


With the occasion, the team of ITG Group send you their warmest regards.



Aristide Nosenzo




Issue Date : 2014-6-11
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